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Dr. E. Voss Dermatropic Skincare

The correct application of the products contributes significantly to the success

Because your skin deserves more

Uncompromising Quality and Innovation for your Skin

Dr. Eckart Voss is a well-known expert in the skincare industry. After decades of experience within the industry, the dream was to develop a skincare product that works, respects, supports, restores, and protects the skin functions.

He created his own dermatropic skincare formulation and "Dr. E. Voss Professional Care" brand in Germany was born. Instead of focusing on marketing Dr. E. Voss concentrates on science and product effectiveness. The unique formulations are based on more than 40 years of scientific work that led Dr. E. Voss to alternative, skin-friendly, and at the same time effective solutions.

All of our products are free of emulsifiers, preservatives, paraffins, silicones, and ethoxylates. Dr. E. Voss skincare is made of using a combination of high-tech and natural components.

Effective and Smart Dermatropic Skincare

DUAL LIFT Skin Treatment System

The DUAL LIFT® System is a revolutionary approach to skincare that was developed by Dr. Eckart Voss. At the core of this system is the understanding that the different layers of the skin have unique needs that must be addressed to achieve optimal results. The LIA C 6 creams are specifically formulated to nourish and protect the epidermis, while the HYA 4 hyaluronic acid serums target specific concerns such as wrinkles, blemishes, or hyperpigmentation in the dermis. 

This smart functional skincare system is preservative-free and is designed to work in ensemble with the natural functions of the skin to deliver visible, long-lasting results. 

Whether you are looking to maintain healthy, youthful skin or address specific skin concerns, the DUAL LIFT® System has something to offer. 

free of emulsifiers
Because your skin deserves more

Our Philosophy & Mission

  • Dermatropic skincare for him & her - only what your skin needs
  • Dual Lift - synergetic treatment, that works
  • High concentration of active ingredients
  • No emulsifiers, kerosenes, ethoxylates, preservatives, silicones
  • Individual solutions for all skin types

We strive to incorporate everything that is cosmetically possible and reasonable into our products to achieve noticeable and measurable skin improvement. We have systematically studied the causes of skin problems and only in this way have we been able to develop products that efficiently solve or at least improve these skin problems. 

Dr. E. Voss

Founder & Cosmetic Scientist

Dr. E. Voss treats your skin on multiple levels simultaneously

dermatropic skincare
for ALL skin types

ONE Synergetic Treatment System

Choose HYA 4 serum according to the skin problem & LIA C 6 cream according to the skin type.

All LIA C 6 day creams have a filter system with nearly 100% UVA protection, which visibly reduces skin ageing (photoageing). This skincare is built on an emulsifier-free base that treats skin dryness efficiently.

You can choose the Dr. E. Voss products based on different anti-ageing effect intensity, and hydration levels, depending on your skin type.

HYA 4 serums are all designed to “repair” deeper skin deficiencies. All hyaluronic gels are fully compatible with LIA C 6 creams and provide the best results together.

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